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About Us

About Panda-a-Panda

Created in 2005 by Siuhak, the comic series “Fake Forensic Science” grew into a Hong Kong sensation after winning over the hearts of fans with its unique brand of humor. The 2 main panda characters, On On and Guy Guy, are widely recognized for their antics, social commentary, and funny situational comedy.  They are 100% made-in-Hong-Kong funny-faced panda with rich local flavor. On On and Guy Guy make you smile from ear to ear with its black (and white) humor, The brand “Panda-a-Panda” started since 2009 has been created into a hilarious range of licensed merchandizes, including toys, decoration items, home accessories, stationery, etc. While Panda-a-Panda is well known in Hong Kong, the brand is now ready to be introduced to Singapore.

About QPON Limited

QPON is a one-stop online shopping platform in collaboration with different brands from the Asian region. It has introduced different, trendy products and aspires to keep these products in stock. QPON hopes to bring customers a better online shopping experience, so that they can buy a product they love no matter when and where they are in just a few simple steps.